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Spine Carpentry:

History & Principles of Rebuilding the Broken Spine

Chapter 15

1) Correcting a Spinal Fracture
2) Screws, Rods & Hooks to Align the Spine
3) Lumbar Pedicle Screws for Fusion
4) Plates, Cables, and Instrumentation to Repair the Cervical Spine
5) Lumbar Fusion Cages
6) Carbon Fiber Spinal Implants
7) Computer Image Guidance for Spine Surgery
8) Real Time MRI for Surgical Guidance
The methods used to repair the spine range from pulling with the surgeon's hand to the use of advanced materials for spinal devices. Guidance for the steps of the surgery now come from advanced computer tracking devices and from a new type of real-time Interventional MRI. Vertebrae are locked into corrected positions for fusion by screws, rods, cages, glues, hooks, and cables and various other types of spinal instrumentation.