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Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Active Substance: Sildenafil
Package: 10TAB 100MG/1TAB
Shelf life: 2023
Manufacturer country: Moldova
Category: Erection Pills

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Side effects

Side effects

As for adverse reactions, we can say that the risk of their manifestation is practically minimized. Most often this happens due to non-compliance with the indicated dosages.

Of the most common «side effects» meet:

  • Feeling hot, hot flashes
  • Headache
  • Feeling euphoric
  • In general, the drug is well tolerated by the body.

Apollo (Sildenafil) Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Apollo – a popular generic drug that is produced by the equally well-known pharmaceutical company Balkan Pharmaceuticals. Its composition and efficiency is no different from the original Viagra. Most bodybuilders and other athletes want to buy Apollo for an enhanced training process, namely pumping. This is far from the only advantage of the drug, because, first of all, the drug affects the potency of the person taking it. Reception Apollo makes the potency persistent and pronounced, increases libido and the very duration of erection.

Mechanism of action

The tool is available in the form of tablets, which is convenient for use at any convenient time. The color of the tablets is recognizable – blue. The dosage of the drug is 100 mg of the active ingredient per tablet. In sports disciplines such as powerlifting and bodybuilding, Apollo promotes vasodilation, which has a beneficial effect on the saturation of muscle muscles with oxygen and other vital micro and macro nutrients, amino acids. In this regard, athletes may experience a decrease in pressure, which, as a result, reduces the load on the heart. The drug gives a positive attitude to training of any complexity. Apollo Kiev can be bought by both a beginner and an experienced athlete, as well as just a man who wants to get the maximum of pleasant pleasure from intercycle.
Do not think that once you use the drug, you will immediately be overtaken by an uncontrollable erection. Sildenafil affects sexual function only when there are reasons for it, that is, the subject of arousal.

The effectiveness and use of the drug in bodybuilding

As a pre-workout agent, Apollo Balkan is recommended to be consumed immediately before the workout itself in a dosage not exceeding 25 mg once. In the absence of physical activity, there is no need to drink the drug, since it does not bring any benefits for obtaining high results in sports. If your main goal – apply a remedy to improve the sensations and duration of sexual pleasures, it will be enough take 50-100 mg for 3-4 –x hour of pleasure.
The pill is taken 20-30 minutes before the intended intimate contact, with plenty of liquid.

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