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Brand: Dynamic Development Laboratories
Active Substance: Clenbuterol
Package: 50TAB 40MCG/1TAB
Shelf life: 2023
Manufacturer country: Europe
Category: Fat burners

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Side effects

Clenodin from Dynamic does not belong to steroids, therefore, when taken, there are no androgenic, estrogenic or progestogenic side effects (from acne to gynecomastia). However, the drug is far from harmless. Due to the ability of the active substance to increase nervous excitability, tremors, anxiety and insomnia are likely. In addition, there are complaints of an irregular heart rhythm, increased blood pressure, decreased appetite and indigestion.

As a rule, the side effects of a fat burner are transient or can be easily eliminated with additional medications. Ketotifen copes well with tremors, anxiety and insomnia, and a beta-1-blocker should be connected to normalize the work of the cardiovascular system.

Packaging: 50 tab (bank)

Active ingredient concentration: 40 mcg / tab

Active substance: clenbuterol

Manufacturer: Dynamic Development Laboratories

Instructions: not available in batches from the manufacturer

Storage conditions: dry and dark place (t° lt; 25-27°C)

Clenodine – it is a non-steroidal fat burner, a clenbuterol drug that is in high demand among jocks. The tablets are used mainly for weight loss (cutting), when it is necessary to build tough and relief muscles. They are produced by Dynamic Development Laboratories.

Details about properties

Clenbuterol Hydrochloride, – the active substance of the tablets is not initially a fat burner, but a drug. By origin, it is a selective beta-2-adrenergic agonist, which is prescribed for bronchial asthma. However, today, due to its practical effectiveness and relative safety in bodybuilding, it is also widely used as a doping agent.

A cycle with Clenodin is able to provide the athlete with the burning of subcutaneous fat, increasing the stiffness / relief of the muscles, even reducing muscle breakdown. It has confirmed not only pronounced fat-burning qualities (stimulates the reduction of body fat and prevents the deposition of subcutaneous fat), but also a moderate anti-catabolic effect, as well as a weak anabolic effect.


Recommendations for taking Clenodin

The recommended dosage for men ranges from 40 to 120-140 mcg per day. Working doses for women are slightly lower – 20 to 80-100 mcg per day. But it is better that the intake regimen for diet (weight loss) was selected individually. Consider personal experience with sports pharmacology, and most importantly, the body’s sensitivity to active ingredients.

Clenodyn (40 mcg / tab, 200tab) from Dynamic Development Laboratories – one of the most popular fat burners in the domestic market. Having decided to purchase tablets, you choose the quality that has been tested by more than one athlete or sportswoman.

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