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Brand: EcoPharm
Active Substance: Methandienone
Package: 100CAPS 10MG/1CAP
Shelf life: 2022
Manufacturer country: Bulgaria
Category: Oral Steroids

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Upon completion of the course, it is necessary to conduct PCT with the use of testosterone boosters and clomid. If the anabolic methane is used in the maximum permitted amounts and does not follow the recommendations, it causes negative consequences. Most often, they manifest themselves in the form of such symptoms: swelling, the appearance of acne, the development of masculinization and gynecomastia, an increase in blood pressure, the accumulation of fluid (water) in the body. In order to eliminate this, it is necessary to take antiestrogens and aromatase inhibitors. Before ordering muscle methane or other anabolic steroids, you need to consult with your trainer, undergo a thorough examination and make sure there are no contraindications. Methane should not be used by those who have problems with the functioning of the heart and liver, as well as high blood pressure.

Ecometh  – one of the most popular anabolic steroids. Supplied in tablet form. Possesses striking anabolic and androgenic properties. Suitable only for men, it has a quick and strong effect of muscle growth and strengthening of the skeletal system, starts the process of moderate fat breakdown. Compared to other steroids, methane is a relatively cheap product and is available to novice athletes. The duration of the drug is up to 14 hours.


The active ingredient of the drug is modified testosterone. A correctly selected cycle allows you to:

  1. increase strength indicators, endurance,
  2. protects the muscles from destruction,
  3. speeds up the recovery process,
  4. strengthens bone tissue.


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Main characteristics of the product

Active substance: Methane

Manufacturer: Ecopharm

Number: 100tab at 10mg

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