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Brand: Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical
Active Substance: Flyoxymesterone
Package: 25TAB 10MG/1TAB
Shelf life: 2023
Manufacturer country: China
Category: Oral Steroids

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Side effects

Possible side effects of taking Fluoxymesterone 10MG

As the main side effect from the use of the drug Fluoxymesterone, its toxic effect on the liver is emitted, therefore, excessive dosages and too long training cycles with this drug are contraindicated. Contact our consultants who will tell you more about the cycle of the Fluoxymesterone drug to train safely.

Anyone can buy Fluoxymesterone in our steroid store at the lowest price. Moreover, you can buy both a whole pack of this drug and 1 blister for 25 tablets, which will conveniently allow you to plan your cycle.


There is also estrogen in the male body, and they are in a certain proportion with testosterone. Natural proportion from 1 to 200mg.
Everything in our system is regulated, if you have a lot of testosterone, then your own does not start to be produced. Before raising your natural testosterone level, you need to wait until the artificial one ends. To do this, you need to take into account the decay time of certain drugs.

Let’s say after Flyoxymesterone you need to wait ~ 2-3 weeks.

If there is a lot of estradiol and prolactin in your system, then they greatly inhibit the production of your own testosterone.

Information for those wishing to buy Fluoxymesterone (1 blister of 25 tablets)

On this page, we suggest you buy Fluoxymesterone from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. This drug is prescribed to those athletes for whom it is primarily important to gain in strength and endurance, without increasing mass. That is, Fluoxymesterone 10MG is not suitable for building muscle volume.

The ideal stage to buy Fluoxymesterone is the final stage of training, when the accumulated muscle mass is made prominent and elastic.

Benefits of using Fluoxymesterone 10MG

Fluoxymesterone 10MG is best suited for those athletes for whom its high androgenic properties are important and the fact that the drug has absolutely no tendency to aromatize in the body. That is, fluid retention in the body, gynecomastia and the appearance of body fat from it can not be expected.

Of the positive properties of the drug Fluoxymesterone, it is also worth noting its effect on provoking the production of red blood cells, improving blood circulation and increasing hemoglobin.

The cycle of the drug Fluoxymesterone

As an effective daily dosage of the drug Fluoxymesterone, 20-30 milligrams are used, which are divided into two equal doses, in the morning and in the evening. The tablets should be taken with plenty of water. Bodybuilders are advised to use 20 milligrams of the drug, while professional powerlifters can easily increase the dosage to 30 milligrams or even more, but only after consulting with their personal trainer.

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