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Melanotan II 10MG


Brand: St Biotechnology Co
Active Substance: Melanotan II
Package: 1 Vial 10MG
Shelf life: 2023
Manufacturer country: China
Category: Peptides

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Side effects

It is important to note that according to research, Melanotan 2 does not have any side effects, therefore it is considered absolutely safe to take.


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Melanotan II St Biotechnology Co (10mg)

Melanotan 2 – a new generation peptide that quickly became popular in bodybuilding and fitness. It is ideal for the later stages of pre-competition training, although it is often used by recreational athletes before the start of the beach season.

Effects of Melanotan II Peptide

The action of Melanotan 2 differs significantly from other peptides. Most «valuable» the effect for bodybuilding and fitness is the effect of the peptide on skin receptors. It enhances melanin production for an even and pronounced pharmacological tan.

Another important effect due to which Melanotan 2 is often used for pharmacological purposes is the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The drug increases libido and improves erection. Moreover, the results of studies have proven that the peptide completely eliminates psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

Melanotan II also significantly improves cutting and pre-competition eyeliner, reducing appetite and accelerating the fat burning process.

Features of application and dosage

On average, a cycle of Melanotan 2 lasts from 1 to 3 weeks, this is enough to achieve peak results. The peptide is injected subcutaneously with an insulin syringe.

Take the bottle out of the refrigerator 30 minutes before taking it and warm it to room temperature in a dry, dark place. Water for injection should be injected slowly along the inner wall of the bottle. Shelf life of the finished solution in the refrigerator – from 14 to 20 days.

The drug should be used once a day at a dosage of 500 to 1000 mcg. With this scheme, the peak pigmentation will be achieved on days 15-20. At the first dose, the dosage is reduced to 100-200 mcg to check tolerance.

It is important to consider that there are two reception regimens, slow (without freckles) and as fast as possible (with the possible appearance of freckles). The first option involves taking 100-200 mcg per day throughout the entire period. The second option is characterized by a gradual acceleration, where the initial dosage is 25% of the peak, with a stepwise increase of 25% every day. On the 4th day, 100% dosage is achieved (the amount of Melanotan 2 is selected individually) and is maintained at the desired concentration throughout the cycle.

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