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Brand: Infinity Meds
Active Substance: Nandrolone Decanoate
Package: 10 ML 300MG/1ML
Shelf life: 2023
Manufacturer country: USA
Category: Injectable

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Manufacturer – Infinity meds
Release form – Injection, 10 ml x 300 mg
Active substance – Nandrolone Decanoate

Sports pharmacology is of great importance to many bodybuilders, as it contributes to the achievement of high results. Now you can easily buy steroids and develop physically with them. One such steroid is NANDROLONE DECANOATE-300 from Infinity Meds. The active substance of this drug – nandrolone decanoate. A feature of this steroid is its high anabolic activity. Also, this steroid has low androgenic activity and little aromatization.

NANDROLONE DECANOATE-300 is useful not only in sports. Its properties are able to eliminate pain in ligaments and joints. But that’s not all, nandrolone significantly increases the athlete’s immunity.

Interesting fact: nandrolone was developed in the second half of the 20th century. At that time, doctors found widespread use for it. Patients with anemia, growth retardation, cancer and other diseases were advised to take nandrolone. Sports physicians and specialists have transformed nandrolone and made it useful for athletes.

Properties and effects

Taking NANDROLONE DECANOATE-300 will significantly improve your physical performance. All the useful properties of this drug are described below:

  1. Active set of muscle mass;
  2. Increasing endurance and strength indicators;
  3. An increase in the number of red blood cells in the blood. This effect leads to an increase in the volume of oxygen in the body, therefore, endurance increases;
  4. Improving the functioning of the immune system;
  5. Strengthening bones and joints.

In addition, nandrolone is almost non-aromatized. Also, the athlete does not have to worry about his liver, because this steroid is not toxic. During the use of nandrolone, protein synthesis improves in the body, due to which muscle growth occurs.

Side effects and disadvantages

Attention, NANDROLONE DECANOATE-300 is prohibited for use by people: with high blood pressure; with liver problems; during pregnancy; with an allergy to nandrolone.

Nandrolone has no serious side effects, however, with the use of large doses or a long cycle of administration, side effects are inevitable. One example is low production of your own testosterone. Gynecomastia and an increase in subcutaneous fat are also possible.
It is worth recalling that injections can cause some negative effects, such as dysfunction of the intestines, pain in the abdomen and head.

How to use

Nandrolone decanoate should be taken based on the recommendations for use:

  • The optimal dosage is 300-400 mg;
  • If the 400 mg mark is exceeded, side effects are likely to appear;
  • Injections are held weekly;
  • The recommended cycle duration is 8-10 weeks.

Women should reduce the dosage to 100 mg, as virilization may occur. Post cycle therapy is important for lowering the level of prolactin in the body, for this, experts recommend bromocriptine.

Professional athletes take a combined cycle. Very often they use nandrolone with winstrol or testosterone. This is necessary to maximize results.


NANDROLONE DECANOATE-300 from Infinity Meds has a good reputation among athletes. Most reviews – positive. Athletes note the high efficiency of the drug, as well as the rare occurrence of side effects. Athletes also leave positive reviews, since this drug can be used by women. Therefore, athletes recommend buying nandrolone and improving athletic performance.

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