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Brand: Lyka labs LTD.
Active Substance: Proviron
Package: 50TAB 25MG/1TAB
Shelf life: 2023
Manufacturer country: Moldova
Category: PCT

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Side effects

Despite all the benefits, we strongly advise against overusing the drug. A surge in androgenic activity can cause severe side effects:

• Acne, increased aggression, baldness, prostate hypertrophy; some other complications.

Provirol-25 is contraindicated in women in sports, since it almost 100% provokes masculinization.


Proviron increases the concentration of androgens by binding to SHBG, thus increasing the effectiveness of the course. However, Proviron, as shown in studies, does not contribute to the restoration of testosterone secretion, unlike tamoxifen. Repeated analyzes of the level of hormones showed that the antiestrogenic effect of Proviron is practically not manifested on the course.

Provirol-25 – it is a steroid, an androgen, widely used in iron sports. Jocks use it for a wide variety of tasks. In particular, it shows itself well during cutting, when it is necessary to build dense and relief muscles, and also allows you to reduce the risks of a difficult cycle, – prevents or eliminates the side effects of other AAS.

Details about properties

Provirol-25 has the active ingredient meterolone. It is a non-aromatizing derivative of dihydrotestosterone that has been developed as a drug. It is characterized by a pronounced androgenic effect with a weak anabolic effect: androgenic activity – as much as 150% of testosterone, anabolic – only 40%. One of the key benefits of the steroid is its antiestrogenic properties, similar to aromatase inhibitors.

Confirmed positive effect:

• Suppresses aromatization (reduces estrogenic activity);
• Blocks SHBG by increasing free testosterone;
• Improves libido and potency;
• Stimulates spermatogenesis (sperm development);
• Increases the density and definition of the muscles;
• Stimulates erythropoiesis (blood formation).

A separate point is the ability of the drug to develop male genital organs and secondary sexual characteristics, increase strength potential, increase endurance or reduce fatigue.

Thus, Provirol (25 mg, Lyka labs LTD) has a complex beneficial effect. And for what purpose to use it – it’s up to you to decide.

Admission recommendations

The optimal reception regimen is selected individually in each case. Be sure to take into account personal experience with sports pharmacology and the body’s sensitivity to the active ingredient. Otherwise, nothing guarantees a positive result or no side effects.

But we can highlight the general rules for taking Proirol-25, which are relevant for most jocks:

First, dosages that are effective for sports purposes range from 25 mg (1 tablet) to 100 mg (4 tablets) per day.
Secondly, to improve libido and potency, the drug is added from the start or in the middle of the cycle.
Third, the permissible duration of admission – 8-12 weeks in a row, average – 5-6 weeks.

Before using Provirol (25 mg / tab, 50tab; Lyka Labs), the contraindications indicated in the instructions should be excluded: neoplasms (tumors), prostatic hypertrophy, liver failure, hypersensitivity or intolerance.

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