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Brand: Ergo
Active Substance: Testosterone Propionate
Package: 10 ML 100 MG/1ML
Shelf life: 2023
Manufacturer country: Belgie
Category: Injectable


Side effects

Adverse reactions

Testosterone Propionate is a strong and effective agent, while not having side effects that are too harmful to the body and health, which in most cases occur when the dosage is exceeded or when the drug is used for too long. Such negative consequences include high blood pressure, aggressive behavior and painful injections when using it.


Testosterone Propionate & ndash; universal steroid. This claim is based on the fact that it can be used not only during the drying period, but also to gain the highest quality muscle mass. It should be noted that to solve the second problem, it is not necessary to use this drug in combination with other anabolic steroids. Professional athletes most often conduct Testosterone Propionate PCT course in preparation for tournaments to improve body relief. However, many bodybuilding aficionados use propik to gain maximum lean mass.

Performing athletes should remember that during doping control Propionate metabolites can be detected for 4 to 5 weeks. If you approach the preparation of the course with the utmost responsibility, then the side effects are guaranteed not to appear. The only drawback of this excellent anabolic is the need for frequent injections.

& nbsp;

Test Propionate 100mg 10ml (ERGO)

Testosterone Propionate is a short-acting steroid that is a feature of this type of Testosterone. The drug is produced in the form of injections and is a universal remedy, since it can be used by athletes both for weight gain and for a cutting cycle, depending on the additional drugs involved in combined cycles using Testosterone Propionate. This drug does not contribute to the retention of fluids in the body, which makes it possible to make your muscles of high quality and relief on the cycle. The frequency of injections is once every other day, and the duration of exposure to Testosterone Propionate lasts up to 3 days. You can buy Testosterone Propionate Ergo on the website of our store, where there is always a large assortment of various sports pharmacology products at the most affordable prices.


Testosterone Propionate allows you to qualitatively increase the muscles, has fat burning properties and gets rid of excess fat deposits, makes the body shape embossed and traced. In addition, it makes athletes significantly stronger and more enduring, even under the heaviest loads during intense and grueling workouts.

Recommendations for use

Testosterone Propionate is taken on the side of the head during cutting cycles, in order to get high-quality muscles and get rid of excess body fat. It is used by athletes who want to have prominent and venous muscles that are dense and rigid. If you take this drug with Stanozolol, you can significantly increase your physical capabilities and endurance. It is also necessary to follow the correct diet and use sports nutrition. On average, the dosage is 100 mg every other day, and Stanozolol is 30 mg daily. The duration of the cycle is usually 1.5 months. It is best to select the dosage not on your own, but in consultation with a specialist who will select the optimal cycle and dosage for you based on your individual characteristics.

Where can I buy?

You can buy Testosterone Propionate Ergo in any sports store. On our website, the price of Testosterone Propionate is significantly lower than the usual retail price. All products in our catalog are certified and are of high quality.


Testosterone Propionate is used by many athletes, since side reactions rarely occur with its use, it has a minimal rollback and is available to everyone. Its only negative – this is the pain of injections, but over time you can get used to it, because the results obtained from the help of this drug cover this shortcoming.

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