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Brand: Tesla
Active Substance: Testosterone Propionate
Package: 10 ML 100 MG/1ML
Shelf life: 2023
Manufacturer country: China
Category: Injectable


Side effects

Since the half-life of propionate is low, the risks of side effects are minimal. Also, the drug does not actively retain fluid in the body in comparison with prolonged ethers. Note that our testosteron propionate tesla price to please all athletes.


After the end of the course, after 2-3 days, tests should be taken in order to assess the state of the hormonal system. Usually, post-cycle therapy after propionate is carried out with tamoxife or clomid . It is also advisable to drink testosterone boosters (tribulus, or its pharmacy counterparts), omega-3.

Do not forget to adhere to proper nutrition, consume sufficient amount of protein (1.5-2 grams per 1 kg of body), train hard and competently, and sleep excellently. If possible, additionally take sports nutrition ( protein , gainer , amino acids , etc.).


Manufacturer: TESLA
Active substance: Testosterone Propionate
Concentration: 100mg / 1ml
Shelf life: until 2023
Manufacturer country: China


Testosterone Propionate is very commonly used in strength sports. With it, you can dramatically increase your physical parameters, gain high-quality mass, and conduct an excellent cutting cycle. Can testosteron propionate tesla buy and novice builders for their first cycle.


Anabolic profile Testosterone propionate 100 – Tesla

  1. Anabolic activity – 100 percent compared to male hormone;
  2. Androgenic activity – 100 percent compared to male hormone;
  3. The ability to convert to female hormones (aromatization) – high;
  4. The degree of load on the liver – is absent;
  5. Release form – injection;
  6. Duration of exposure to the body – from 2 to 3 days;
  7. Time of detection of traces of drug use using a doping test – forty days.

Positive qualities and effects of Testosterone propionate 100 Tesla

  1. Accelerates the processes of muscle tissue fiber hypertrophy;
  2. Accelerates the processes of reduction of fatty cellular structures;
  3. Gives the musculature a beautiful relief;
  4. Promotes an increase in physical performance and, first of all, strength;
  5. Has a beneficial effect on the heart;
  6. Increases sexual desire.

Methods of application and dosage Testosterone propionate 100 Tesla

You can do a fairly effective solo Testosterone propionate 100 Tesla cycle, which will be interesting for beginners. However, for experienced athletes, combined cycles can be recommended. Anabolic should be administered every 2nd day in an amount of 0.05 grams. With sufficient experience in using AAS, the doses can be doubled. Remember to include aromatase inhibitors in your cycle. The drug can be combined with any AAS, but to improve the quality of the relief, we recommend using a combination of winstrol-testosterone propionate.

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