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Brand: Ergo
Active Substance: Trenbolone Acetate
Package: 10 ML 100 MG/1ML
Shelf life: 2022
Manufacturer country: Belgie
Category: Injectable


Side effects

Side effects: gynecomastia, hair loss, aggression, acne, body hair growth, high cholesterol, high blood pressure.


After two weeks after the last injection of this drug, post-cycle therapy is performed. PCT is carried out “standard” with the use of clomid (tamoxifen should not be used, as it can enhance progestin activity) and testosterone boosters.

Trenbolone Acetat 100 by Ergo
Active ingredient: trenbolone acetate

Product name: Trenbolone A, Finajet, Finaplix, Trenabolic

All trenbolone compounds have the same, identical hormone trenbolone. The difference lies in the type of ester attached, which helps to control the release of the hormone. Unlike trenbolone enanthate, which is usually administered 2-4 times a week, trenbolone acetate has a half-life of only 1 day and must be administered every day.

All the properties inherent in trenbolone compounds are also valid for BodyPharm trenbolone acetate. The acetate version of trenbolone is considered to be more effective than other options. So, trenbolone acetate can be included when the main goal is cutting, and also when the goal is to gain some mass. It is effective during both periods, but the direction of the cycle depends on diet and type of exercise.


For men – 75-200 mg every other day with a cycle duration of 10-12 weeks.

Not recommended for women.

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