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Privacy Policy

The online store has a privacy policy based on the current law USA “On the protection of personal data.” According to the law, we guarantee the safety of any confidential data received from you, which means that it cannot be used for fraudulent purposes. All confidential data that will be received from you will be used strictly within the framework of the laws in force in the country.

What confidential information do we receive from our clients?

  • Personal information that you provide when performing certain actions on the company’s website. When going through the registration procedure or when making a purchase, we may ask you for your phone number, name, your email address and physical address for the delivery of your purchase.
  • Personal data that is transmitted when you visit our website. This refers to data such as the Internet browser you use, the time and duration of your stay on our website, your IP address, the link you used to visit our website, etc.

How can we use the data you provide?

  • To provide services from an online store: the procedure for registration, checkout, delivery of purchased goods, etc.
  • In order to inform you as a customer of our store about the delivery status of your purchase, about promotional and exclusive offers implemented in the online store. Please be aware that we may inform you using the email address you provide.
  • In order to improve the operating parameters of the website of the online store: analysis of its ergonomics and design from the point of view of visitors, assessment of performance indicators and relevance of the services we provide and the goods sold.
  • In order to carry out special and promotional offers, contests among customers, etc.

Client-provided personal data protection policy

  • Our company guarantees the implementation of all the necessary complex technical and organizational measures aimed at protecting your personal data from the possibility of accidental or fraudulent access. We also protect your data from other potentially illegal actions, such as: destruction, copying, modification of the data provided by you.
  • Our company fulfills its obligations to fully protect and inviolate your personal data from encroachments by others. The ability to access your personal information can be provided only to those organizations that need it for the implementation of certain actions and operations, such as registration and delivery of goods, sending information via e-mail subscriptions, etc. All services and organizations that are involved by our company to carry out the above operations, fully fulfill the obligations regarding the protection of the personal data you provide in accordance with the current legislation in the territory of USA. In case of violation of the obligations imposed on them to preserve and protect, they can be held liable depending on the illegal actions carried out, including dismissal, as well as to criminal prosecution.
  • The possibility of transferring the personal data provided by you is possible only within the framework of the current legislation of USA. One of these possibilities is the transfer of data during the business transfer procedure. In this case, the new owner assumes responsibility for the safety of personal information. Also, the legislation provides for the possibility of transferring personal data in order to prevent fraudulent actions by third parties.
  • In the event of a transition from the site of the online store to other sites and resources, our company does not undertake any obligations regarding the preservation and protection of the confidential information that you will provide on these sites.

Payment security

Full safety and security of payments made in our online store is ensured by the acquiring bank. This banking organization necessarily operates on the basis of modern technology standards and technical protocols developed by international organizations for making payments, we are talking about 3D-Secure: Verifiedby VISA and MasterCard SecureCode from Visa International and MasterCard Worldwide, respectively. The procedure for processing the confidential information provided by you as a payment card holder takes place in a specialized processing center of the acquiring bank. All such centers must undergo a certification procedure that complies with the PCI DSS international data protection standard. The security of confidential data that you transfer is ensured through the use of modern protocols responsible for the safety and security of user data.

Protection of the provided confidential information on the site

The purpose of the information that is presented on the website of the online store is to inform website visitors about the activities of our company, the goods, products and services sold in the online store, as well as to provide assistance when using the website of the online store.

You have the right to transfer and use the information presented on the website of the online store exclusively for personal and non-commercial purposes. Any type of commercial use of the information presented on the website of the online store is strictly prohibited.

Our company has the right to change, destroy, or otherwise conduct other operations with the information presented on the website of the online store. We also reserve the right to impose restrictive measures on access to the site.

Our company disclaims responsibility for the information that was provided by buyers on the website of the online store in a form that is publicly accessible to website visitors.

Our company reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy. Potential changes can be made solely to improve the security system of confidential data and only within the framework of the legislation in force in the territory of USA.