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Information for those wishing to buy Anavar:

Anavar is an anabolic oral steroid, considered the safest steroid in the world. Due to this factor, it is very popular in amateur bodybuilding and fitness.

Anavar is the favorite steroid of girls - fitness and sportswomen of all stripes.

Due to its pharmacological properties, anavar has extremely low androgenic and high anabolic activity, which allows the use of Anavar by women and girls without fear of the side effects of virilization.

Anavar is also used in men's bodybuilding and other high-speed and strength sports, where endurance and explosive strength are important.

Effects from the use of Anavar

  • The main effect of Anavar is to increase muscle definition and stiffness
  • Burns fat and boosts growth hormone production
  • Increases strength
  • Increases endurance and speed - explosive qualities

Anavar course

A course based on Anavar solo can be recommended for athletes in preparation for a competition, as mentioned above that the main effect of Anavar is pronounced fat burning properties.

As a rule, anavar shows the best results with a body constitution with an average percentage of fat and good muscle mass. Usually the dosage of anavar is calculated on the basis of 0.25 mg per 1 kg of body weight.

Solo Anavar dosages start at 30 to 120 mg. in a day. It is recommended to divide the daily dosage into two doses and apply once in the morning, and the second time after 8-12 hours (this is the half-life of this drug)

Also, Anavar solo is quite often used by athletes who want to join the "delights" of using sports pharmacology, but are panicky afraid of such steroids as methandienone. The use of Anavar at a dosage of 40-50 mg. in the first course at 6-7 weeks, it will help to gain up to 5 kg. high-quality muscle mass, of course, subject to the correct diet.

Very often Anavar is used by amateurs of long courses. "Bridge" on Anavar, allows the body to take a break from "heavy" drugs without losing muscle mass and strength.

Anavar course for women

As stated above, Anavar can be considered an ideal steroid for use by women.

Girls will feel the effect of taking this drug starting from 5 mg. in a day. The basic dosage for girls is anavar dosage of 10 mg. in a day. The maximum allowable safe dosage is 15 mg. in a day.

It is the above dosage that allows you to get excellent results in terms of gaining muscle mass and burning fat in "female" places without menstrual irregularities and side effects in the form of masculinization.

Anavar is usually taken in cycles of 28 days. From the end to the beginning of your period.

Feedback from girls and women who took Anavar noted a significant decrease in the fat layer on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks with a simultaneous improvement in the shape of the trained body parts.

Anavar side effects

Anavar was originally developed for use in medicine by women and children.

Based on this fact, we can safely say that Anavar does not cause any androgenic or estrogenic side effects.

Also, based on the studies carried out, there were no changes in the indicators of liver enzymes when using Anavar for 12 weeks.

Anavar, like any anabolic steroid, can suppress the production of its own testosterone for courses lasting more than 8 weeks.

After a course based on Anavar, PCT can be omitted if the course does not exceed 6 weeks.


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