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Boldenone Undecylenate is an anabolic, which is essentially analogous to nandrolone decanoate. The drug is a synthetic testosterone derivative with an altered steroid structure. It was developed back in 1949, and was released on the market only in 1960. Then the manufacturer chose from several ethers, eventually giving preference to Boldenon Undecylenat. 

The drug, which has an impressive anabolic effect with reduced estrogenic activity, promotes:

  • - fast and at the same time a gradual set of muscle mass;
  • - increasing the relief and stiffness of the muscles;
  • - growth of power indicators;
  • - increased appetite;
  • - increasing the density of muscle mass and imparting firmness to the muscles.

A huge plus is that these results are achieved without aromatization and fat accumulation. The drug helps to create an environment favorable for muscle growth by increasing the level of red blood cells in the blood.


As mentioned above, Boldenone is a testosterone derivative. Changes in the steroid structure eventually made it possible to obtain a drug characterized by a reduced estrogenic activity. 

This makes the steroid safer to use than testosterone. Due to the modified structure, the drug helps to avoid the accumulation of fluid in the athlete's body during the course, as well as such an unpleasant phenomenon as gynecomastia. 

Many athletes know that taking anabolic steroids can often provoke the appearance of female-type body fat. Boldenone is a rare exception. However, the drug has one significant drawback - its higher price in comparison with analogues.


It is not recommended for beginners to start taking the drug with high dosages. It will be sufficient to take the drug at 300 - 500 mg per week. The dosage is similar to Testosterone dosage. If you have experience with anabolic drugs, you can increase the dosage of Boldenone to 500 - 700 mg. 

This dosage will allow you to get maximum results without the fear of side effects. Remember that taking lower dosages is a waste of money, while exceeding the recommended dosages is a meaningless health risk.

The weekly dosage is divided into 2 doses. The drug is administered at regular intervals.

The drug must be taken within 3 - 3.5 months. Expect that the result will become noticeable only after 2, and sometimes 3 weeks of taking the drug, since Boldenone is a slow-acting anabolic.


The drug shows itself excellently solo, if the goal of the athlete is to gain mass and improve strength indicators. It also works well in combination with other drugs. 

Professionals prefer to use it in conjunction with other anabolic steroids, among which the most common combination is Boldenone and Turinabol and Boldenone + Testosterone Propionate. 

With such a combination of drugs, you can significantly improve your results, gaining about 10 kg of lean muscle mass with an increase in strength indicators by 15 - 20%.


Side effects of the drug due to its modified structure are minimal. However, if the recommended dosages are exceeded or the course of administration is increased, the athlete may detect the appearance of aromatization and gynecomastia. If the recommendation is followed, the side effects are rather weak and practically invisible. 

Also, side effects can be the result of an individual response to estrogen. If you plan to use overdosages of the drug in advance, you should combine it with drugs such as Tamoxifen or Clomid. Such a combination will save you from the manifestation of side effects and minimize the rollback at the end of the anabolic course.

Also, among the side effects, the athlete noted an increase in the oily skin and acne. A small number of people taking the drug experienced an increase in the level of aggressiveness.

The above-described side effects are the result of drug abuse, as well as individual reactions of the body and pass after the completion of the course of its administration.

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