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What is Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin)?

Fluoxymesterone is a strong androgenic steroid with a moderate anabolic effect. Halotestin is currently used mainly for sports purposes. Athletes in strength sports, in athletics and other popular disciplines today, use it mainly to achieve an increase in strength characteristics, increase muscle density and aggression without increasing the total body weight, so as not to increase the weight category.

Due to the specificity of its action, fluoxymesterone  is often used in preparation for competitions. It is considered one of the best steroid remedies for an emergency increase in strength and, as a result, athletic performance.

Fluoxymesterone tablets: detailed description

Initially, this steroid was produced exclusively for medical use. It has been used as an androgenic agent in the treatment of delayed sexual development in men and male hypogonadism, and in breast cancer (breast cancer) in women. To date, medical practice has practically completely abandoned the use of drugs based on this AAS. In sports, their popularity is only growing.

Fluoxymesterone is structurally close to another fairly strong androgen - methyltestosterone. It was obtained by modifying testosterone in the following three positions - a 9-fluoro group, an 11-beta-hydroxy group, and a 17-alpha-methyl group. The first of the listed modifications determines the name of this agent and is mainly aimed at increasing its androgenic activity.

The second improvement of fluoxymesterone, which is to some extent responsible for the effect, prevents the conversion of AAS to estrogen in the body. And the third - allows you to extend the half-life in the form for oral administration and protects the drug from destruction when passing through the liver, while maximizing the concentration of the active substance in the blood.

It is important to note here which fluoxymesterone tablets can have an effect when used correctly. In general, halotestin has the following effects:

  • Rapid increase in strength indicators;
  • Stimulating aggression;
  • Stimulating the production of erythropoietin;
  • Strengthening the synthesis of hemoglobin;
  • Increased muscle density;
  • Increased muscle vascularity;
  • Fat burning effect.

The steroid fluoxymesterone can in theory be used for fat burning, but as the reviews of the athletes who took it and practice show, there are safer / more effective steroid drugs to achieve this goal. For reference: the fat-burning effect of halotestin is mainly due to its ability to enhance the oxidation of fatty acids that takes place in fast muscle fibers.

It is also suggested that by its action, halotestin can improve the aerobic performance of athletes. This improvement is associated primarily with the stimulation of erythropoiesis, one of the varieties of the process of hematopoiesis.

In conclusion: which fluoxymesterone may cause side effects when taken? In connection with its use, there is a risk of severe androgenic side effects - oily skin, acne, acne or even spermatogenesis disorders. Possibly a decrease in natural testosterone. For a complete list of possible side effects, we recommend contacting the Forum, where there is also a detailed description of this steroid.

How to take fluoxymesterone?

Due to the specificity of the action, this androgenic steroid is popular mainly in such disciplines as: athletics, boxing and, in general, martial arts, hockey, strength and some other sports. The use in bodybuilding is controversial because the drug does not lead to a pronounced set of muscle mass (for this task there are safer and more effective steroids to choose from).

Taking fluoxymesterone in sports is recommended exclusively for men. Women are strongly discouraged due to the pronounced androgenicity, due to which the manifestation of the effect of virilization is likely. This can be a change in the male body type, an increase in the timbre of the voice, or, for example, hair on the face and body.

The course of fluoxymesterone for sports purposes usually lasts 2-4 or up to 6 weeks. The dosage of halotestin, usually used by athletes, varies from 10 to 20 mg per day, the frequency of use during the course is on a daily basis. This frequency of administration is associated with a short duration of drug activity - about 5-10 hours.

It is important to add that the course of taking fluoxymesterone can take place not only in solo. To accomplish certain tasks, the drug can be combined with other steroids for optimal results. To increase strength and fat burning, for example, you can use a combination with stanozolol and testosterone propionate. If you want to use this AAS in combination for gaining muscle mass, then you should pay attention to the combination with nandrolone or testosterone ester of prolonged action.

In conclusion: none of the instructions for use will be able to give those recommendations and advice on taking this and other steroids that our consultants can share at the Forum. Here you can familiarize yourself with the descriptions of pharmacology in demand in sports and ask your questions to a bodybuilding coach, sports doctor and other specialists.


  • Increased aggression during exercise.
  • Decreased tissue water.
  • Burning subcutaneous fat.
  • Increased strength and speed, impact on endurance.
  • Body tone.

Halotestin price, which is quite affordable, is used in professional and amateur sports. Girls often take pills to lose weight. As an independent drug for fat burning is ineffective, additional funds will be required.

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