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The substance GW1516 is commonly known as gene doping. Several years ago, it was discussed in the media as a new way of pumping "universal soldiers". Allegedly, it is a military development, however, which country is not yet clear. This protein fraction acts at the molecular level, and, according to some reports, is capable of changing genetics. In fact, everything is somewhat more prosaic, the drug simply speeds up metabolic processes in cells.

Action GW1516

The usual action of GW1516 is characterized as:

  • the ability to increase indicators of strength and endurance. More information on cyclic loading, you can find links that the drug was used in road cycling, and athletes showed good results with it;
  • stimulation of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. The mechanism of action is not described in the literature, but almost all instructions for the substance mention stimulation of the central nervous system and heart;
  • an increase in strength indicators, and the contractility of muscle fibers;
  • providing the opportunity to train in extreme and adverse conditions.

With the help of this substance they are fighting overweight and obesity. Other sources easily say that the drug changes the genetics of a fat person, and he stops suffering from a tendency to accumulate fat. The manufacturer does not confirm this information. From the point of view of the development of modern science, the development of such a substance is impossible, since all the genes responsible for obesity have not been identified.

How to take GW1516

There is no definite information on how to take GW1516 in various sports. On the website of the peptide manufacturer, the total dosage is indicated - 20-50 μg per injection. Moreover, there is also a tablet form of the drug. It is indicated that it must be taken once a day after meals.

How to build a course with GW1516 for aesthetic body building needs is not yet known. "Gene doping" is not fully understood, and its interaction with other substances is still a mystery.

Side effects

The manufacturer's website states that side effects of GW1516 can be disorders of the nervous system and heart. It is assumed that the athlete taking such drugs will be completely healthy. Sometimes there is increased nervous excitability, as well as various metabolic disorders. In this case, the drug should be completely stopped.

Reviews on GW1516

This drug is rarely used. A number of reviews about the GW1516 can still be found. And not all of them reflect the rosy picture of a safe and effective drug that the manufacturer is trying to paint. In blogs, there are people who have faced endocrine disruptions after using "gene doping." There are reports of testosterone and growth hormone levels falling to critical levels. To be fair, these users mentioned other methods of pharmacological support, but nevertheless, the rumors are different.

There are also positive reviews about GW1516, and you can also find information about the use of the substance by women who note an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in body fat. Be that as it may, today "gene doping" is prohibited for use in Olympic sports. What happens to athletes who have taken such substances in the long term, so far, no one knows. As well as the interaction of drugs of this class with others, well-known, is unknown.

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