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Methandienone was created back in 1956. The inventor of the drug is J Ziegler, who, together with Ciba-Geigy, created this drug. 

   4 years later, this drug was launched on the pharmaceutical market. After a few more years, it becomes very popular among athletes. Especially bodybuilders and powerlifters came across in their characteristics.

   Then the company lost the right to a patent and other companies immediately began to produce new steroid drugs based on this successful drug.   


   It is currently one of the most popular drugs among athletes. Thanks to Methandienone, athletes dramatically improve their strength characteristics and increase muscle mass. Together with this, it is also able to retain water in the athlete's body. However, if taken correctly, it leads to the fact that water still leaves the body.

   According to the data and reviews of athletes, such a preparation is not suitable for drying. This is due to the fact that it accumulates fluid in the athlete's body. However, there are a lot of positive reviews about him in terms of gaining raw muscle mass. 

   Also, the drug improves appetite and thanks to Methandienone, the absorption of calcium, vitamins and proteins, which enter the body with food, improves. This, in turn, affects the recruitment of muscle mass, general well-being and strength characteristics of the body. 

Also, the drug burns fat cells quite well. Although its fat burning effect is not as potent as other steroid drugs, many are content that it burns fat well. 

In addition, it has anti-catabolic properties, which also has a good effect on muscle gain, since protein is synthesized faster than the period of its decay begins.   

The period of activity itself is rather short, about three hours. Therefore, it needs to be taken several times a day to maintain a high concentration level in the body's blood.


Since the drug is produced in the form of tablets, it is much more convenient to take it than in the form of injections.  

The tablets are taken before meals. This is usually done in the morning and evening. The most effective dose of the drug is from 20 to 50 mg per day.

   It is better to start the course of Methandienone with a small dose, slowly adding to the specified optimal dose. This will give the athlete the opportunity to avoid negative consequences with a small dose.

   In addition, the body will gradually get used to the drug and then the appearance of any side effects will be unlikely. For those who are just starting to take it, the best dose would be 30-40 mg per day, that is, 3 tablets per day. The course of use of the drug is at least six to eight weeks.

   With this course, an athlete can gain at least 10 kilograms. The most important thing here is the training and relaxation regimen. 

   Methandienone is used both singly and together with other drugs. It combines quite well with various drugs and is therefore very effective in various combinations.     

   In combination with Stanozolol, muscle mass is consolidated and its discharge does not occur. The muscles are hard and dry thanks to stanozolol and the quality of the muscle mass is quite high. In this case, stanozolol can be used both in the form of tablets and in the form of injections.

   In combination with Clenbuterol, catabolic processes will not take place in the body.

   If an athlete needs to gain a lot, and the quality is not so important, then this drug can be used together with nandrolone, decanoate, testosterone enanthate. 

   Women should not use such a drug, since it can cause a virilization effect - acne, shrunken voice, hair growth.

   Since the drug is available in the form of tablets, it can negatively affect the liver, but if it is used according to the recommendations, there will be no harmful effect.  

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