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Proviron - This drug is a synthetic androgen. It works orally and has no anabolic properties. It is taken to restore the body after a course.


This remedy will help eliminate the effects of taking steroids. Its main action is to increase the amount of natural testosterone in the athlete's body.

Thanks to this drug, the athlete will be able to get rid of problems with potency that could be caused by steroids, and even contribute to the treatment of infertility, which is characterized by a decrease in the number of sperm and its quality. It will increase the sexual activity of the receiving person, both during the course and at the end of it.

However, the drug is not able to affect the preservation of strength results and mass, which will be achieved during the course. This function is taken over by the drugs HCG, Dinerik and Fludestrin. Because of this, many bodybuilders and powerlifters underestimate this tool, considering it completely superfluous. But this happens only due to the fact that many simply do not know exactly how to use the drug and for what.

Proviron stops aromatization of steroids, which prevents the development of gynecomastia and the accumulation of excess water in the body. The drug reduces the occurrence of estrogen, and after discontinuation of the drug, you will not find the opposite effect.

Proviron simply destroys all negative effects after the course at the root, while many drugs simply cover up the symptoms. Although the product does not help to consolidate the result, it will nonetheless help build firmer muscles. This effect will be especially noticeable during preparation for the competition, with strict adherence to the instructions and training program.

Many female bodybuilders, whose estrogen levels are especially high, combine steroids with Proviron, this makes their muscles denser. Some time ago, it was common practice to take twenty-five mg daily for several weeks. This is about one twenty-fifth of a tablet a day.

This practice helps to stay in shape throughout the year. Which can be very convenient, since it is not always possible to plan your shooting, but you want to look your best. Today, many take the drug all year round, since they do not feel its negative effects on themselves.


Taking the drug constantly, the following dosage should be observed: men are recommended fifty mg every day. The dose is best divided into two doses, this will be the best option. In the morning you need to take twenty-five mg and in the evening the same amount. Usually, it does not make sense to increase the dose, as the indicated amount is more than enough. Proviron can be combined with other medications. 

For example, Nolvadex will be a good party for him; together with fifty mg of Proviron, twenty mg of Nolvadex should be taken. This combination is capable of almost completely suppressing estrogen in the body.

For even greater effectiveness, you can take along with the already indicated dose of Proviron, five hundred or one hundred mg of Fludestrin every day. However, Fludestrin is a very expensive remedy, many do not even think about the specified combination for this reason.

Do not forget, perhaps, the main point in taking the drug is the dose and its observance. Basically, athletes are faced with the unpleasant consequences of taking the drug precisely because the dose is exceeded. In Western counterparts, the drug is called Mesterolone.


No matter how wonderful the drug is, it still has side effects that can be caused by overdose or individual intolerance to the drug. In men, there are practically no negative effects of taking the drug, within a dose of two to three tablets for fairly long-term use in combination with steroids.

If you strictly follow the indicated dosages, then taking it will not affect the liver. But those athletes who believe that the larger the drug, the better, may experience some effects.

In case of an overdose, edema and water retention in the body occur, although an adequate amount of the drug leads just the same to rid the body of fluid. Ie, who never takes more than two or four pills may not even think about such a problem. But too high sexual activity is already a more frequent occurrence.

The drug is capable of causing superstimulation and prolonged erection of the penis. This condition is not only painful, but also dangerous, it can lead to some injuries, therefore, if you are faced with this effect, you should reduce the dose of the drug, and in some cases stop using it altogether. 

Bodybuilders should use Proviron carefully. This drug can cause a variety of androgenic side effects. For this reason, you should not take more than one twenty-fifth tablet per day.

If you increase the dose and continue taking the drug for more than four weeks, you may experience such a phenomenon as virilization. Those who have not encountered the problems that may be caused by taking Proviron achieve amazing results with the above dose and supplementing it with twenty mg of Nolvadex, so there is no point in increasing this dosage in any case. If you follow a strict diet, then the burning of excess fat occurs very quickly and smoothly, and the muscles, in turn, become firmer and grow faster.


Never forget to consult with a specialist about taking or not taking any medication. Only an experienced bodybuilder or bodybuilder is capable of giving correct and important advice regarding pharmacology. After all, even the most harmless, at first glance, drugs can be either dangerous or useless in your case.

Before you buy Proviron, including for making a decision on the admission, you should set a clear goal for yourself, ask yourself the question: what exactly do I want? And only after the question is answered, you will be able to decide whether or not you need to take this or that remedy. Enjoy your training and great victories!


As many athletes know, it is almost impossible to achieve high results without the use of modern means. For this reason, it is necessary to find suitable drugs for yourself that will allow you to achieve your goals. It is Proviron that makes it possible to restore the natural processes that occur in the human body. At the same time, this tool should be used by those who are actively taking courses with steroid substances. But Proviron can also significantly increase the amount of testosterone produced by the body, the creation of which is often inhibited by steroids.


If it is necessary to ensure the restoration of processes in the athlete's body, then Proviron is the best tool for this. At the same time, its use has become popular thanks to the recommendations given by famous bodybuilders and experts. It is Proviron that allows you to achieve your goals. It ensures the elimination of the problem, at the same time does not disturb the course of other natural processes. If we consider the sports field, then it should be pointed out that Proviron is harmless to the human body. It can only provide a positive effect on the human body. At the same time, the use of this substance allows you to quickly get rid of stress phenomena and correct problems with the production of a key hormone for men. Proviron also today allows you to normalize potency, which can be suppressed by other factors.


Proviron helps to block the production of estrogen, which usually leads to the accumulation of fluids in the human body. This significantly reduces the risk of gynecomastia. Bodybuilders have been using this tool for a long time. Its advantages also include the fact that Proviron does not differ in side effects. It is also worth noting that it allows you to:

  • restore potency;
  • avoid negative effects from taking other supplements.

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