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Effective tablets with tadalafil to increase potency

Recently, more and more men are faced with the problem of sexual dysfunction, which leads to a decrease in the quality of sexual life. The provoking factors in this case are various reasons, ranging from fatigue, stress and ending with serious organic diseases. Insufficient erection and its weakening during the process of having sexual intercourse strongly affects male pride and the nervous system, further aggravating the situation. This is how impotence develops.

To eliminate erectile dysfunction, experts recommend using only proven and safe medicines.

Tadalafil tablets quickly relieve the manifestations of impotence and restore the ability to perform a quality sexual act.

Composition and form of release

The basis of an effective drug that increases potency is tadalafil. Available in blister-packed tablets. The original drug is produced by the American corporation Eli Lilly. It has a high cost and for this reason is not available to everyone. Generics with tadalafil presented on our website are full-fledged substitutes for the original, but their price is several times lower. The assortment also includes other effective remedies to increase potency. Tadalafil citrate analogs are the active substances sildenafil (Viagra, Conegra, Eregra) and vardenafil (Levitra).

Pharmachologic effect

The active ingredient of the drugs tadalafil citrate is a PDE-5 inhibitor and has the ability to normalize the body's response to sexual arousal. The active substance blocks the enzyme phosphodiesterase, promotes increased release of nitric oxide, causes vasodilatation and stimulates blood flow to the penis. Thus, a stable natural erection occurs in response to sexual desire.

Tablets containing tadalafil 20, 40, 10 and 5 mg successfully fight both mild and obvious erectile dysfunctions of an organic and psychological nature.

The effect of the drugs begins to be observed after 40-60 minutes from the moment of administration, remaining for about 32 hours. Time of action of tadalafil record!

Important: tadalafil is a substance that does not belong to artificial stimulants, so men can achieve the desired result after using it only if they have sexual desire!


Buy tadalafil containing generics should be when symptoms of impotence develop, that is, weakening or absence of an erection. The drugs are intended for the treatment of organic and psychological sexual disorders of varying degrees of development.


You should not take medicines based on tadalafil in such cases:

  • with individual non-perception by the body of the active ingredient or excipients;
  • during treatment with drugs that contain nitrates;
  • with severe liver, heart or kidney disease.

Minors and older men are also prohibited from taking pills that increase potency.

Adverse reactions

The active substance tadalafil is well accepted by the body in the absence of contraindications to its use.

Among the minor undesirable effects, the following are possible:

  • redness of the face due to rush of blood;
  • headache;
  • mild nausea;
  • nasal congestion.

Adverse reactions pass rather quickly and generally do not affect the well-being of men.

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