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TESTOSTERONE BASE is based on a synthetic male hormone dissolved in oil. The drug has a strong effect on the body, commensurate with the work of endogenous testosterone. Actually, the differences between natural and artificial hormones are solely in the period of exposure to the body. Although the price of Testosterone Base is not high, amateurs rarely use this drug, since it must be administered daily.


If you decide to buy Testosterone Base, then remember that there is no ether chain in the preparation. This allows the steroid to work quickly, but its activity is rather transient. By its effect on the athlete's body, this steroid is as close as possible to propionate. Very often pro-builders, namely they are the main consumers of the male hormone suspension, inject the drug twice a day.

Thanks to this anabolic steroids, you can significantly increase physical parameters, gain mass and accelerate the body's recovery. In addition, the musculature acquires a beautiful relief. Unfortunately, the injections are quite painful, although not as much as with the introduction of an aqueous suspension.

Like any testosterone-based AAS, product is subject to aromatization. It is quite obvious that girls cannot use it, so as not to cause virilization.

Application and dosage TESTOSTERONE BASE

The drug is quickly included in the work and is excreted from the body during the day. This obliges athletes to inject every day, or even twice a day. We have already noted the fact that injections are quite painful and many builders use nimesulide or its analogues to reduce pain. The daily dose of the steroid is 50-100 milligrams.

We do not recommend exceeding the dosage, since the drug suppresses the activity of the pituitary arch quite strongly. Testosterone Base course is carried out for a maximum of five weeks, which is largely due to the painfulness of the injections. At the same time, with a longer use of the steroid, it is necessary to use gonadotropin to support the work of the testicles. You can use Testosterone Base in combination with any AAS.


Testosterone Base has a number of side effects, such as painful injections and frequency of use. It is also possible the appearance of gynecomastia against the background of increased estrogen, high blood pressure, swelling, acne, hair growth. But all this begins to happen if you exceed the dosage and not be observed by a doctor. Remember that your health is the most important thing and no achievements will exceed it.


Testosterone Base reviews on the net are not uncommon, and if you wish, you will quickly find them. What gives them more weight is the fact that they are mostly left by the protagonists.


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