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 Testosterone Mix is a product of almost every manufacturer of anabolic steroids and includes a combination of testosterone esters for smoother and, accordingly, high-quality work of the active substance itself on the Testosterone Mix cycle. The drug is ideal for rapid gaining of total muscle mass in a short time and can be combined with a very large number of anabolic steroids, both injectable and tableted.

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In most cases,  Testosterone Mix is available in 10 ml vials with an active ingredient content of 250mg to 500mg per 1 ml of the drug. Also, 5 ml packaging and 1ml ampoule products are also slightly less common. The period of action is about three weeks, and as a result of the fact that the drug has a prolonged action, water retention in the body, an increase in blood pressure and aromatization are possible. 

But this is all, it is very easy to fix with the help of estrogen blockers or inhibitors, for example - Anastrozole, which will make your muscles better and dry by reducing the side effects from excess female hormones.

Testosterone Mix contains 4 different durations of action

»Decanoate - 100mg

»Isocaproate - 60mg

»Phenylpropionate - 60mg

»Propionate - 30mg


Application of Testosterone Mix on the course

       Due to the presence of four esters,  Testosterone Mix  gives a smoother background of work and release from depo throughout the course of steroids, which in turn leads to good muscle growth, high-quality muscles and an excellent increase in strength, which is also not a little important for muscle growth. All of these positive qualities make Testosterone Mix a  very popular and sought after steroid by most bodybuilders in the injectable steroid category. A large number of athletes combine Testosterone Mix  with anti-estrogen drugs such as • Proviron • Clomid • Tamoxifen.

If you combine Testosterone Mix  with such a steroid as Nandrolone or simply Deca, then the weight gain will be very solid and effective, and if you add Testosterone Mix, for example  Winstrol, to the course  , then the weight gain may be less, but the muscles will look leaner and leaner. Since the goals of all athletes are different, but the goal is the same, the combination of drugs will help not only increase the effectiveness of the course, but also contribute to the reduction of unwanted side effects.


Duration of admission and dosage

       This may concern, for example, Nandrolone, because when your course consists of two anabolic steroids - Testosterone Mix and high dosages of Deca, the prolactin level can increase and go beyond the reference values, then the aforementioned Winstrol will come in handy, since one of its qualities is decrease in the level of female hormones. And this is also not an unimportant reason for those who want to buy  Testosterone Mix in Kiev.

The course of the steroid should last about 10 weeks, and with a longer course duration, the connection of Gonadotropin is required. The drug is injected intramuscularly once or twice a week, the dosage for beginners is usually 250mg of the active ingredient, and for experienced athletes from 500 to 1000mg per week. The course is designed exclusively for a quick set of muscle mass, and in combination with other steroid drugs, the gain will be many times greater, and the resulting effect will remain for a longer period.

Reviews on the Internet about doping

       Testosterone will help relieve fatigue, will promote faster recovery of not only muscles, but the whole body as a whole, increase libido, as Testosterone Mix | Testosterone Mix  will start working almost immediately after the first injection, due to the combination of four esters, two of which are short-acting and two with a longer duration. Thanks to all this, the reviews about the drug are very good and practically have no complaints.

The mixes were developed and released by Organon for drug treatment, as a drug for hormone therapy when the body does not produce an endogenous test. So this particular company is now being thanked by knowledgeable bodybuilders. And you can find reviews about such a popular doping, if you wish, almost everywhere, and they are unlikely to be bad.

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