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Trenbolone Acetate is considered one of the most popular steroids. Its popularity is associated not only with the effects achieved on the course, but also with the speed of drug exposure.

An injectable preparation is most often used in sports where it is necessary to increase strength and build mass. The drug contributes not only to muscle building, but to the creation of high-quality and relief muscles.

If we talk in general about the properties of the drug, then athletes love Trenbolone acetate for a reason. Reviews on the forums speak of his high performance and excellent course results.


Trenbolone acetate is a modification of the popular nandrolone, to which an acetate ester is added. This modification can significantly increase the speed of obtaining the effect for those who have chosen the Trenbolone acetate course. Moreover, the steroid is more active than nandrolone.

The drug is popular during the period of active preparation for the competition, because the active substance of the drug is quickly excreted from the body. They will not be able to detect him on a doping test already 6-7 weeks after the end of the course. 

Those who choose Trenbolone Acetate for the cycle not only get impressive gains in muscle mass and an increase in strength, but also boast fat burning. Also, experts say that the drug can increase the level of IGF-1 and reduce the level of cortisol in the athlete's body. Many people notice an increase in libido on the course.

As a strong steroid, this drug can cause side effects. If used incorrectly, you can not only lose hair, but also become aggressive. In addition, the steroid can cause acne and also increase the oily skin.

If an athlete has health problems, then it is worth consulting with your doctor before buying any drug, especially this one. Reviews of athletes indicate that the drug can lead to an increase in pressure and a decrease in the production of its own testosterone. In some cases, the course of the steroid leads to insomnia.

You can minimize the risk of side effects by taking Gonadotropin and Proviron. The drug is not used by women due to the high risk of virilization.


The solo course of Trenbolone acetate is not as popular in the sports environment as the combination of the drug with other steroids that help increase the effectiveness of the course.

There are a lot of combinations. The choice of a particular combination is always individual, as it depends on the desired result, the health status of the athlete, his readiness to take steroids and financial capabilities.

To achieve the maximum growth of strength and increase the relief of the muscles, Trenbolone acetate is combined with Stanozolol, Testosterone propionate, Turinabol.

One of the most popular combinations is as follows: 50-100 mg Trenbolone Acetate + 100 mg Testosterone Propionate + Stanozolol 40 mg. In this case, injections of Trenbolone and testosterone ester are done every other day, and Stanozolol must be injected daily. The duration of taking Trenbolone acetate and Testosterone propionate is 6 weeks, and stanozolol is administered from 1 to 9 weeks. For PCT, in this case, it is better to use Clomid, starting its daily intake as early as 7 weeks of the course.

A solo course involves injections of 50-100 mg every other day. The course duration in this case is 6 weeks.

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