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Trenbolone Enanthate is a powerful steroid that promotes rapid muscle gain and strength. Athletes love it for its excellent results with no aromatization at all. Trenbolone Enanthate course leads not only to muscle growth, but also fat burning. The effect is achieved by stimulating the production of growth hormone.

The course of steroid injections increases libido, which causes discomfort to some athletes, so before ordering this anabolic steroid, consider whether you are ready to endure this discomfort.

 In addition, the drug lowers the level of cortisol, which contributes to the accumulation of fat in the body. Athletes love Trenbolone Enanthate, the course of which helps to achieve good results, and for the fact that it practically does not cause side effects.


Initially, the drug, like all other steroids, was used for medicinal purposes, the difference is that it was used to increase appetite in animals. However, the properties of the drug attracted the attention of athletes and today Trenbolone Enanthate is a course that is most often used in sports.

Trenbolone Enanthate is a modification of the popular Nandrolone in bodybuilding. An important property of the drug is the absence of aromatization. The steroid course allows you to gain high-quality and dry muscle mass, so the rollback at the end of the course will be minimal. At the same time, the strength of the athlete increases significantly.

It is important to choose the correct dosage of the drug, since the likelihood of side effects depends on this. Often, steroid overdose causes acne, testicular atrophy and even baldness.

This drug is used both for mass gain and for drying the already gained mass. At the same time, they will be able to detect the drug in the blood up to 4-5 months after the end of the course. It is worth planning the course carefully, especially if serious competition is ahead.

Correct use of the drug with the simultaneous use of auxiliary agents will allow you to take a course of Trenbolone Enanthate without side effects. For these purposes, Proviron or Gonadotropin is usually chosen.


Trenbolone Enanthate does not require frequent injections. The injection is made 1 or 2 times a week. The recommended volume of a weekly dosage is 300 mg of the drug. Usually it is divided into 2 doses of 150 mg of steroid. The course lasts 8 weeks. In this case, an athlete in 2 months can gain up to 10 kg of mass, burn accumulated fat and increase strength.

The steroid is strong, so a solo course is most often used. Combinations of it with other drugs are recommended only for professionals who are familiar with steroids. Professionals combine the drug with Stanozolol, Boldenone and Sustanon. However, the consequences of such combinations are almost impossible to predict.

Inexperienced athletes are advised to start using the minimum dosage of Trenbolone Enanthate. 

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