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Recently, Turinabol is gaining popularity among anabolic steroids, the active ingredient of which is chlordehydromethyltestosterone. Its main difference is in higher quality, but slower muscle growth with less water retention in the body.


Buying Turinabol you can be sure that, if used correctly, you will receive:

• Gain mass through muscle growth, not water retention;

• Firm and relief muscles;

• Improvement of strength indicators and endurance;

• Less significant weight loss compared to the effect of methandrostenolone;

• Lack of aromatization.

The quality of the original, manufactured at the factory, the drug can always be checked by the UPIK code, which guarantees you the purchase of an excellent product manufactured in accordance with all requirements.


For a long time it was used as a strong doping for athletes. Among modern drugs, Turinabol is one of the most studied and not prohibited anabolic steroids. The drug is very popular today, especially in the American market. Gradually, this steroid is gaining popularity in the European and Russian markets.

Previously, Turinabol was used by swimmers and track and field athletes. Then its effectiveness during the preparation for the competition was also evaluated by bodybuilders.


The structure and properties of the drug are reminiscent of methandrostenolone. Its main difference is that the course of turinabol in fact does not lead to the same rapid and noticeable increase in muscle mass. This is due to the fact that the drug does not retain excess fluid in the body. This feature can be considered a plus, because only if there is no excess fluid, at the end of the intake, the progress achieved will be saved.

Significant results can be achieved by combining Turinabol with other drugs. With a single application, the effect is least noticeable. It has an anabolic as well as a slight androgenic effect on the body.

Promotes the recruitment of a very high-quality, but insignificant mass, which does not decrease even after the completion of the course of taking the drug. Turinabol, unlike most anabolic steroids, has practically no side effects, which is an undoubted advantage of its use. Completely excreted from the body within 5 days. After this period, no doping test will give a positive result. With all this, it greatly increases the strength and endurance of the athlete. It is noted that the use of Turinabol helps to reveal internal resources in strength and high-speed sports.


To increase the weight up to 9 kg, it is enough to take 20-60 mg of the drug per day. You can take in parts, as well as one-time. The dosage depends on the body weight: if it does not exceed 90 kg, it is better to start with the minimum. The optimal effective dosage is calculated according to the formula 0.125 mg * 1 kg of the athlete's lean body mass. This dosage makes it possible to use Turinabol for a long time without interruption. 


As mentioned above, the effect of Turinabol is more significant if it is used in combination with other drugs. Its most effective combination with nandrolone and testosterone. To achieve the required fat-burning effect, the product is combined with parabolan and stanozolol. This combination allows you to build muscle mass without following a special diet.


Numerous reviews of Turinabol confirm its high efficiency in building lean muscle mass and giving muscle relief. Its use in combination with other anabolic steroids does not lead to the most common side effect - gynecomastia.

Nevertheless, despite the minimal side effects, it is worth consulting with a specialist before taking the drug. Your gains can only be significant with the right combination of steroids and the recommended dosages.

The drug is safe even for women, which is another of its advantages over other anabolic steroids. But even with all the minimal side effects, in order to avoid negative consequences, you should not practice its long-term use and exceed the dosage. You should also take into account the individual reaction of the body to the use of Turinabol.


No matter how safe the drug is, it is inherently anabolic, so you cannot guarantee 100% absence of side effects. The main one is a negative effect on the liver. A study of numerous reviews allows us to conclude that negative reactions to the drug are caused by an incorrectly selected dosage regimen, an excess of the optimal dose for an athlete, or incorrect composition of its combinations with other drugs.

The minimum harmful effect on the body is due to the low estrogenic activity of Turinabol. In rare cases, taking an anabolic by women leads to the appearance of virilization. 

The most optimal safe course can be considered 4-6 weeks of taking the drug. 

You should not start taking the drug at an early age, in the presence of cancer, as well as in renal or liver failure. Moreover, you should not start taking the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

It suppresses the natural production of testosterone slightly.

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